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Presenting the Gospel to Children

  • today Sep 6

Do you want to hear about the different techniques for presenting the Gospel to your child? Do you feel comfortable presenting the Gospel to your children or grandchildren?

Attend our Presenting the Gospel event where we'll discuss the “hows” and “whys” behind presenting the Gospel clearly to the children of this generation. Our hope is you’ll leave this workshop with gained confidence and new tools to disciple the children in your life.

This event will be held digitally on the Zoom platform and is open to anyone interested in attending. Registered participants will receive secure links to join in.


"It was very helpful to hear about ways to contextualize the Gospel for our kids. One thing that stuck in our mind is to not use phrases we may use with adults because kids think differently than us. Although we might know different ways to talk with friends, peers and others in our life about God, talking to kids can be a very different conversation. We are grateful to understand this and hopeful to use what we learned at this class as we help our kids find and follow Jesus."
-Kevin Eaton


Event Date

Sep 6
2:00pm - 3:00pm

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